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Are you tired of sore and tired feet? Shoes look good but don't feel the same?Our Boost insoles draw inspiration from the Adidas Ultraboost technology. We've tested it and reformulated it too many times to achieve perfection.

As is with all our products, satisfaction is guaranteed. So what have you got to lose? Sore feet... that's all!

Our insoles come with pre-made cutting guides so you can cut them to an exact fit. With roomier shoes, you can add it onto existing insoles. If not, simply replace your old insoles with these!

Small fits EU 35-40

Large Fits EU 41-46


Customer Reviews

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Ant Juwono
Comfortable insoles, but not really like 'walking on a cloud'

I used the insoles to replace worn out insoles in a pair of Jordan 1 highs. They are easy to trim to size, just have to keep in mind in some shoes, might have to trim the mid foot section as well the length. The insoles themselves are nice and thick; and are comfortable on feet, though they are not as soft as something like gel insoles.

What I like about the thickness of these insoles, is that it helps make shoes that are a bit roomy, fit a lot better (if your shoes are already quite snug, I probably wouldn't put these in). My shoes are half size bigger than my true size, and putting these insoles in, now they fit perfect. I bought 3 sets and used them on all my shoes that are half size too big.

Overall, happy with the purchase.