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BLACK FRIDAY Complete Care Pack

$99.00 $211.00

The essential cleaning kit

Has everything you need to keep your kicks in good condition

Includes essential cleaning solutions, brushes, tools and accessories

51-60 people are checking this out now

45,455+ shoes cleaned

10+ years experience in reviving sneakers

Hassle-free 30-day Return Policy

98% Customer Satisfaction


Purchase our complete care pack and receive for free:

  • 1 x Boost Insoles (Large) (worth $30)
  • 1 x Microfibre Towel (worth $8)
  • 1 x Cleaning Mat ($40)

The Sneaker Laundry Complete Care Pack is exactly that: total TLC for your sneakers. Everything you need, from brushes to sprays to shoe trees, to keep your kicks in absolutely banging condition. Oh, and you’ll save a bunch of cash when you buy this bundle, too.



BLACK FRIDAY Complete Care Pack

$99.00 $211.00

BLACK FRIDAY Complete Care Pack

The Complete Care Pack includes:

1 x Sneaker Cleaner

1 x Sneaker Deodoriser

1 x Sneaker Stain Remover

1 x Tuff Scuff

1 x All Purpose Brush

1 x Suede Eraser

1 x Sole Brush

1 x Microfibre Towel

1 x Collapsible Cleaning Bowl 

1 x Adjustable Shoe Tree (1 Pair)

*Our Complete Care Pack varies from time to time depending on product availability. We do this to continue to make this awesome pack available as a discounted bundle.

** Note: International orders outside of Australia will receive Sneaker Deodoriser instead due to shipping restrictions.

*** If you clean shoes for others, we’d recommend our Epic Care Pack. 

What’s included

Sneaker Cleaner - The Sneaker Laundry
1 x Sneaker Cleaner
Sneaker Stain Remover - The Sneaker Laundry
1 x Sneaker Stain Remover
Microfibre Towel (WHITE) - The Sneaker Laundry
1 x Microfibre Towel
Collapsible Cleaning Bowl - The Sneaker Laundry
1 x Collapsible Cleaning Bowl
1 x Adjustable Shoe Tree (1 Pair)
Sole Brush | Acrylic - The Sneaker Laundry
1 x Sole Brush
All Purpose Brush | Acrylic - The Sneaker Laundry
1 x All Purpose Brush
Tuff Scuff (5-Pack) - The Sneaker Laundry
1 x Tuff Scuff
Suede Eraser - The Sneaker Laundry
1 x Suede Eraser
Sneaker Deodoriser Spray (100ml) - The Sneaker Laundry
1 x Sneaker Deodoriser

How to use


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When it comes to keeping both your kicks and feet fresh and clean, it doesn't get any better than this exclusively curated kit. It gives you everything you need to clean your personal collection and keep your feet smelling great while you are at it!

What our customers say about us

I've gone through so many "waterproofers" and this is by far the best. I've been waiting for them to restock!

I watched Chase Maccini clean the Saint Laurent sneakers on YouTube and bought the exact stuff he used and did the same process. My Saint Laurents were in worse shape than the ones he had and they now look brand new! It was so easy and the products work so well! Obsessed with the little white tuff scrubber thing

Stephanie S.

Havent used anything like this before. Doesn't get my shoe wet and I can do it right before I leave the house!

Used to have Crep but when I finished thought I've give this a go.Works better, more affordable and an Australian business. You've got a returning customer!

Jason P.

The stain remover cleaned up 2 pairs of sneakers really well! I used this with the cleaning kit and am now wearing a white leather pair of Adidas sneakers again that I hadnt worn for months because they were so dirty. None of the products damaged my shoes in any way if youre worried about that!

Emily W.

I love this product works great . I own a small sneaker cleaning business called Milla's West Side Kicks so I have tried a lot of products and this one lives up to its name. Much love to The Sneaker Laundry for creating a product that the industry needed.

Zak M.

Shoe trees are Dope. Simple design & easy to adjust. Kickz stay in shape & keeps those nasty bend creases away! Thankyou SL 🤜🤛

Ian Calixto C.

Very similar to reshoevn8r's shoe tree which I own too but incredibly expensive for what they are. Where as, the sneaker laundry offer something pretty much the same at a way better price! Definitely recommend!

Patrick W.

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John Dee

Great products, my white Lacoste trainers were in a pretty bad state after I stupidly wore them in a muddy field. They came up like new!!

Alan A.

I purchased the Complete Care Pack and have cleaned about 7 pairs of shoes so far - I love the brushes and the cleaning products. I also love taking pics of my before and afters and seeing my friends’ faces when I hand them back their ‘new’ sneakers! Love your work #thesneakerlaundry

Melanie Z.

By far the best sneaker cleaning package on the market! Delivery was super quick too. My friends and fam are always shocked with how good the results are on their sneakers! Thanks Sneaker Laundry

Jay H.

I have restored shoes for a few years now and the products over at sneakerlaundry make that very easy! I speak to chase frequently and hes nothing short of a great teacher! Truly an expert in the game I ever have a question and he always answers and is very helpful!

Anthony G.

So neat and so satisfying to see. No more cluttered walk-in wardrobe. Good sturdy design and love the magnetic closures.

Tony N.

Looks absolutely awesome around the house and would have to be one of the best and simplest home improvement things i’ve done.Absolutely awesome customer service guys!!

Ian P.