Brass Bristle Suede Brush

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Brass Bristle Suede Brush

Brass Bristle Brush is used as a post-cleaning tool for Suede materials. This brush will allow you to comb out the nap of suede giving it the un-matted soft suede feel. Allow the surface of the suede to dry completely and then gently comb out the nap.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Noel Spalding
good brush

exy but good

George Gnafakis
Best brush for suede

I was a bit hesitant on getting this brush, but I absolutely ended up loving it! Used it on my suede dress shoes and it worked amazingly. Make sure the shoes are completely dry first too! A very inexpensive brush that works wonders on your suede shoes. I highly recommend

David T
Buttery Suede

Followed directions from @chasemaccini youtube clip and it made the nap on my Jordans super soft again, thanks guys!

Lance Perera

Fantastic brush for my suedes! brought them back to life in a minute

Nicole Lin
I have been looking for this!!

I have a couple of Timbalands that went hard and stiff from cleaning and was recommended this by a lovely customer service rep on your Facebook page.
It works exactly as he told and brought my suede back to life.
A word of caution though to be gentle using it but otherwise, awesome results!