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November 06, 18 Bold Commerce Collaborator

How to clean/restore Adidas Ultraboosts

Ultraboosts are one of the most common sneakers to come through our stores.  More often than not you've probably got a few questions such as:

  • The boost has gone yellow (from oxidisation). How can I unyellow/deyellow it?
  • The knit is very delicate. How can I clean it without damaging it?
  • The dirt in the boost is visible but can't be removed. What can I do about it?

We're going to address these questions today!


How to clean your primeknit/mesh uppers:

  1. Target stained areas with a sneaker stain remover. This helps to loosen stains and make them easier to be removed with a brush later.
  2. Prepare a bowl of warm water. Add a few squeezes of sneaker cleaner and use a soft bristle brush to brush the shoe in circular motion. Wipe using microfiber towel and repeat if necessary. 
    • Use bleach
    • Use dishwashing soap: these may stain your uppers
    • Use the washing machine: It can make your glue-lines more evident and this is relatively irreversible. It can also yellow your boost quicker.
    • Use a stiff brush or toothbrush on the uppers: this will cause material wear and tear

    Is your boost still dirty and yellow after cleaning? This is a normal process of an ageing boost midsole.

    How to whiten your boost: 

    1. SneakersER pen. Our unbiased take on this: the finish isnt the best. You'll find that it leaves pen-like brushstrokes when you're done. But we'd recommend it if you want a super quick and convenient job.
    2. Lacespace's SNKRology white pen marker:  Relatively inexpensive. If you had to use a pen, we definitely rate this as one of the most affordable. However, the same downside is that it will leave pen-like brushstrokes and the finish doesn't match a brand new boost. 
    3. Boost paint: yes this is going to be biased that we recommend our own product but... how could we not! Its backed by our satisfaction guarantee and its colourmatched to a new boost! Use a paintbrush and no pen-mark finishes. Add a matte finish coating on it to seal the paint, protect it and also provide it a factory-like finish!