Did you know?

20 billion pairs of shoes are made annually and roughly 300 million are thrown away every year? These take 30-40 years to decompose and some midsoles can last up to 1000 years in landfill.

Since starting out in 2017, The Sneaker Laundry has been committed to creating an environmentally sustainable business model. We are committed to taking sneaker maintenance to Australians to prolong the wearability of shoes before they get binned.

Second-chance sneakers

Since 2018, we have started a second-chance sneakers initiative - our stores will receive any unwanted sneakers and we'll clean and restore them before passing them onto the less fortunate in Melbourne. We have seen over 1,500 sneakers come through our Melbourne store for this initiative alone.

Read more about the initiative here:

Product development

Over the years, we have redeveloped the formula in our cleaning solutions to achieve the following:

In late 2020, we made a commitment to begin providing an alternative product to our aerosol Sneaker Protectors. By mid-2021, we had our first successful prototype and we are proud to say we are on track to releasing our first-ever non-aerosol waterproofing spray. This reusable bottle will be made from bio-degradable natural straw and recycled plastics.



Since 2019, we made a conscious shift to reduce the number of non-recyclable satchels we used in sending out products. We use recyclable shipping boxes along with biodegradable packing peanuts to ensure your parcels arrive safe and sound!