Sneaker Cleaning Kit

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The Sneaker Laundry Sneaker Cleaning Kit

  • 4 oz./114ml Sneaker Cleaning Solution
  • 1 x Medium-Stiff Plastic Bristle Brush

The Sneaker Cleaning Solution is a foaming solution that cleans, removes dirt and most stains. 
Ingredients: natural plant extracts from coconut, surfactant and aqua.

The Medium-Stiff Plastic Bristle Brush is a perfect all-rounder brush recommended for durable materials such as leather plastic and rubber. It is also highly recommended for midsoles and outsoles. It is not recommended for delicate mesh, suede or nubuck. For these delicate materials, we highly recommend our premium hog hair brush.


Customer Reviews

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POOR delivery

As stated by the feedback notification of "fulfilling an order 30 days ago", I've receive none other than poor customer service for my order. I've not even received my order 30 days later. Multiple emails to the customer service team and received little to no updates on my package. The Sendle package company gave a better response in one go compared to this sneaker laundry company. Poor performance, hopefully the product is worth this hassle.


Does what it says!

Olivia Scahill
Sneaker cleaning kit

All I can say is this stuff is bloody amazing!!!

Stephanie S
Incredible combination

I watched Chase Maccini clean the Saint Laurent sneakers on YouTube and bought the exact stuff he used and did the same process. My Saint Laurent’s were in worse shape than the ones he had and they now look brand new! It was so easy and the products work so well! Obsessed with the little white tuff scrubber thing

Nick Watson

Sneaker Cleaning Kit