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Scruffy ain’t sexy. At The Sneaker Laundry, we believe in the power of a pristine pair of sneakers – and the confidence that comes from clean shoes.
You wouldn’t wear dirty clothes in public, would you?

Clean them don't bin them.

45,455+ shoes cleaned

10+ years experience in reviving sneakers

Hassle-free 30-day Return Policy

98% Customer Satisfaction


The Sneaker Laundry Image

"By far the best sneaker cleaning package on the market! Delivery was super quick too. My friends and fam are always shocked with how good the results are on their sneakers! Thanks Sneaker Laundry"

- Jay H.

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"Love the complete care pack! It has everything I need to take care of my sneakers."

- Brad K.

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"Best choice I ever made choosing The Sneaker Laundry's shoe storage box for my kicks. It feels like Im displaying my trophies"

- James N.

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"I have restored shoes for a few years now and the products over at The Sneaker Laundry make that very easy! I speak to chase frequently and hes nothing short of a great teacher! Truly an expert in the game I ever have a question and he always answers and is very helpful!"

- Anthony G.

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"Best shoe cleaning product you'll ever buy. Easy to use, virtually no mess, takes 10 minutes max to clean a set. Leaves your shoes with a nice shine and smell. 100% will be purchasing again"

- Chris R.

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"I took in a pair of mud-covered Jordan XI lows (following a visit to a farm for the kids) and a pair of Yeezy 350s and the Sneaker Laundry team performed their magic to bring my sneakers back to life! I definitely recommend them."

- Matthew F.